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Our secret? It's not one, admittedly. The best ingredients is a big part. An unrelenting love for the food is the other big part. Between those two, we think we pretty much have our food bases covered.

Turns out we also like people, though. We're not making these delicious, creations to not share them with our human species brethren. We hope to share them with you, in fact. And soon. So head on in to the nearest (or furthest) Street Feast  location and feast your eyes on the greatest pulled meats ever made. You won't be sorry you did.

We use only the best ingredients that keep
customers coming back AGAIN ANd again.


Welcome to Street Feast where we create the best Pulled Pork  and Slow Cooked Meats. We start with Free Range, Otway Ranges Pigs, to make it just the way you like.

Make sure to make it a - Three Way Sliders- so you can try one of our famous Brisket Sliders and the most delicious Jerk Chicken.

the begining...

We started humbly but with a grand plan: To create the finest slow cooked meats  And with nothing but a Marquee and this dream, we've grown and grown and exploded to this point where you're reading this right now and probably salivating.


Street Feast is an Indigenous Owner/Operator business, with Dale being a proud Monero Ngarigo man, from Orbost in East Gippsland.  Street Feast is THE original 'Low and Slow' Street Food Vendor in Melbourne and it is the work of husband and wife team, Dale and Jenni, based in Campbellfield, Melbourne. They have over 30 years combined experience in the hospitality industry from cooking and creating, to Front of House management and exceptional customer service.

Dale has meticuously created Street Feast's signature, secret recipe dry rub which is a blend of herbs and spices. This mouthwatering dry rub is cooked with all the meats for a true Street Feast.